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Another Successful Preschool Photo Session!

This morning I photographed at a local preschool and got some cute shots of this little fella! This little “fella” happens to be my cousin. Photographing preschools is definitely hard work, but extremely rewarding. Hope you enjoy these pictures of Cooper! 🙂

Meagan - April 25, 2012 - 11:51 pm

That little kid iss so cute!

Carolyn Pickering - September 13, 2012 - 6:30 pm

We need information on Fall Preschool Portraits.

School Portraits (not school pictures)

Most photographers cringe at the thought of photographing schools, but for some reason (that I can’t explain) I absolutely love it!
When I was in school, my favorite day was always picture day. I obsessed over my smile in the mirror, made sure every hair was in place, etc. I KNOW how important it is to get good pictures of your kids and my goal for you (as a parent) is to see your school portraits and say “wow that’s not what I was expecting at all”.
Here is a student from a local school we photographed just a couple of weeks ago.

Hello Internet World!

Hello internet world! Welcome to my new blog! My name is Suzanne Lemery and I am a professional photographer, mom to two handsome boys (Dylan and Bryson) and wife to a pretty amazing husband (Chad). First and foremost I don’t claim to be any kind of writer that’s for sure, but I LOVE photography and that’s what this blog will mostly be about. I specialize in family and children’s on-location portraits as well as customized school photography. I used to photograph weddings, but it’s just not where my heart is so I stick to my comfort zone. Browse around although at this point you won’t find many posts. I do hope to keep this blog updated with the happenings of my business and family life so check back often or subscribe by e-mail. I’d love to have you tag along with me in my blogging world!

Sickness is all around!

It’s February and sickness is all around! Both of my boys have had a fever with ear infections along with other cold symptoms. They haven’t been eating well at all so I literally made them drink a kale smoothie in order to get some good nutrition in them. Dylan (the oldest) drank it with no complaints, but Bryson on the other hand ended up in tears.

I saw the light!

Bryson was doing this homework one afternoon last week while I was in my office working. From my desk in my office, I can see him at the kitchen table trying to get his homework done as quickly as possible so he can go outside and play. The sun was shining through the window onto the wall across from him creating the most beautiful reflected light. I love how focused he is when he is doing his homework. This is an average day for us. It’s not very exciting, but these are the moments I want to remember.

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